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So this is it. Summer exams are looming closer and it’s time to pull the stops out!

There are so many revision tools out there and most schools and college will have their own recommendations and subject resources to share with students as well as techniques.

Here at Pirate Education and Training the message, whatever you are studying for, is ‘Keep Calm and Carry On!’

We’ve put together our top tips for surviving revision:

  • Make a plan and stick to it – prioritise the subjects and areas which need most attention, but not at the expense of others! Mix and match your plan so you’re balancing trickier concepts and the things you enjoy less with subjects that inspire you more or you feel more confident with.
  • Don’t ditch your social life – build hobbies, clubs and time with friends into your plan. You need time out. Exercise, fun with friends and doing things you love are a great way to switch off and boost positivity.
  • Create a study area – sit at a desk, have good light and few distractions! Leave your phone and devices in another room. If you need to use them for study apps and links then disable WiFi, or silence messages and notifications. Keep the area around your study zone clean and clear. It helps keep a clear mind.
  • Eat well – use your breaks to have healthy snacks and boost your brain power. Don’t fuel on caffeine and sugar. They raise anxiety, lead to energy slumps and affect sleep. Wholemeal toast, fruit, low sugar cereal bars etc. are all a great way to stay alert and keep energy levels steady.
  • Drink water – stay hydrated, especially if you are sat at a screen to study. Try to drink 6 – 8 glasses of water a day to keep your brain and attention sharp. It’ll also help combat irritability!
  • Sleep well – our bodies and brains need eight hours sleep to function at their best. Research shows that the last two hours of an eight hour sleep are the most important when it comes to retaining newly learned information.
  • Have a regular routine – get up at the same time every day, have breakfast and get ready as if you were going to school or college. That’s whether it’s a school day, the weekend, holidays or during exam season.
  • Meditate– you don’t have to sit cross legged on the floor! Just take five minutes out to sit quietly with your eyes closed. Listen to the sounds around you, repeat a word or phrase in your head or focus on your breathing … bring yourself back into your body and out of a busy mind.
  • Don’t compare – who cares how your best mate did in the mocks? Or how much the class genius has studied? Focus on what you are doing. The only thing we can do is our best and in the way that works best for us. If you do that, you know you’ve done all you can.
  • Don’t panic – it’s never too late to start. Wherever you are on your revision journey follow these tips, use all the support your tutors give you and breathe! In a few weeks’ time it will all be over and you will be enjoying a very well deserved holiday.